You wish that you had this as a child.


Its about changing your students lives.


Business building disguised as a piggy bank.

Are you looking for a unique Money Management Solution for your Children?

Introducing the Money Savvy Pig, the piggy bank for the 21st century! This is the unique, multi-award winning 4 chambered piggy bank recommended by educators and parents alike. The Money Savvy Pig is an interactive piggy bank that teaches kids responsible money habits. We know money savvy kids will grow into money savvy adults and, as money doesn’t come with instructions, it is vital that a child learns early on how to make good financial choices.

Even a young child can understand basic financial concepts if you put the right tools in his or her hand, tools that you probably wish you had when you were growing up. Money Savvy Kids has these money management tools and is now available in Australia & New Zealand for the first time!

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We now have all colours available for immediate dispatch.

We are also very pleased to introduce for the first time in Australia, the Money Savvy Soccer Ball. 

For your convenience, you can pay by Credit Card or Direct Deposit to secure your order. 

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Fundraiser Program

We recognise its tough to raise much-needed funds for Schools, Clubs, Churches, Charities and Associations. The Money Savvy Pig is here to help!  We offer a win/win program that enables you to raise funds whilst helping teach kids responsible money habits that last a lifetime.

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Multi Award Winning

Money Savvy Kids products have won various awards from independent institutions for the uniqueness and ability to instil children with good money management habits. We have more published research showing the effectiveness of our educational tools than all our competitors combined.

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Did you know?
  • Ever wonder why you don’t have a bunny bank or pony bank? In the 1700’s people used to save their money in jars made of orange clay called pygg. Over time pygg jars were called pygg banks and then piggy banks.

  • Research shows that even a small amount of time spent teaching our kids about basic money management leads to a lifetime of good money management habits. Early intervention is the key to success.